August 2018 “No ROI” Hangout


August 2018 “No ROI” Hangout

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This event is sold out. Sorry! Hopefully we can do it again, because it’s going to kick so much ass.


We could have created an awesome Sales Page for this event, but we decided not to. Because this is no ordinary Stone Table event.

We could tell you about the benefits of networking, partnerships, and collaborations. But you already know all that, otherwise you wouldn’t be a Stone Table member.

We could tell you about the habits of successful entrepreneurs. But we tell you about that all the time.

So, instead, here’s Johnny:

Don’t overthink that one. There’s no ROI — hence the name. We’re going to get a nice AirBnB house in the mountains and spend the whole time breaking down movies and talking story together (and doing things that are legal in Colorado). So this is a pure FUN event and you should only do it if you want the fun and the intangible benefits that come with really diving deep into story … Sean and I are going to be in Boulder anyway, so we’re doing it with or without y’all. We don’t expect many (if any) people to sign up, so it may be just you and us if you’re interested, and that sounds like a fucking party. It’s going to be crazy fun.

Here are the details:

Date: August 6-7 2018

Location: Boulder, Colorado (in an awesome B and B)

Cost: $5000 ($4000 with your Stone Table 20% off discount)

In order to book this we need you to take action now, please. 

To save your place, we’ll need to receive at least a 50% deposit from you by Friday 1st June, we’ll then collect the other half next month. Or you can pay the whole thing up front right now.

Thank you!

Here’s Johnny again, in case you missed the message the first time: