May 2018 Signature Mastermind


May 5-6, 2018
[location TBA soon!]

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You’re likely used to being the smartest artist in any given room, but at The Stone Table you’ll probably be surrounded by people who are smarter than you.

And that’s a great place to be.

Successful entrepreneurs have been doing this since Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the Mastermind in 1925. Their fortunes were made by teaming up with other smart, motivated business people with similar goals.

It’s common for artists to downplay the importance of the company they keep, but the value of an engaging and inspiring experience cannot be underestimated.

The literary greats throughout history knew this well.  Gertrude Stein’s salon offered connections that made careers. The Inklings met specifically to develop their craft.

And while the Internet has made it possible to connect with people throughout the world with just a few clicks, it simply can not replace the value of breakthroughs that can only happen face-to-face.

Every time we get the Stone Table together in person, participants’ businesses take off in unexpected ways.

Concepts crystallize into plans. Partnerships and collaborations form.

Ideas vetted at the Stone Table have become real businesses earning real cash. Artists have overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers, changing everything from their genre to their lives.

And, of course, collaborations are born each time we meet. 

In fact, a partnership formed at a recent Stone Table weekend launched two books this month into the top 500 of the Amazon store. An author who had never even written a book when they met last October now has Top-50 author rankings in multiple top-level categories.

Just as you can accomplish more over lunch than you can with a phone call — and more still in a focused, purpose-built meeting — we’ve intentionally designed the Signature Mastermind Weekend to boost your business through intentional learning, cooperative brainstorming and problem solving, and deeper relationships with like-minded creative entrepreneurs.

It’s like having a room full of expert advisors — where you get to give as much experience and insight as you receive. And if there’s a problem that the room can’t answer, chances are someone knows the expert who does. You’ll gain access to everyone’s networks (including ours).

Every Signature Mastermind focuses specifically on offering you the information, community, and motivation to solve the issues that are holding your business back.

Two full days plus…

Sessions run Saturday and Sunday from 8:30-9ish AM to 5PM. We’ll take regular breaks and allow time for chatting over lunch. There are lots of great restaurants within walking distance of the Sonesta.

We’ll come in with topic ideas, but YOU will co-create the agenda with us first thing on Saturday morning. (Prior Signature Event attendees love this!) That means the content we cover over the weekend is exactly what will help you in your business, right now.

You can see a sample agenda from a prior Signature Event here.

And keep Saturday night open for dinner with the group – on us.

Here’s what prior attendees had to say


“Very good. I came looking for plans and now I have them.”

“Honestly, the people (were the best thing). While the answers I got to my business questions will have a powerful impact on my business, the real benefit was in meeting the people who got me and pushed me forward. Never before have I been around so many people whom I considered “my people” before.”

“(I liked best) the people, the energy, the fact that EVERYONE was so kind even though I’m the least experienced. The best weekend ever.”

“I liked the format. It was far more effective than any mastermind I’ve previously taken part in.”

“I mean, a real stone table would help. Seems essential.”

At the Stone Table, your goals are our goals. Don’t miss your chance to achieve them together.

P.S. We need to know you’re coming…soon! 

We’re not down with all that false scarcity/urgency stuff. But we really do need an accurate headcount for planning purposes.

So, we need to know who’s in or out by April 23.

We don’t say this to pressure you, but we can do a better job for you guys if we know you’re coming in time to be prepared.

So, hop on in and reserve your spot now!