Building a business alone can be a little … lonely.

Sterling & Stone was founded on collaboration.

Thanks to collaboration, we grew from two guys writing a post-apocalyptic serial to three guys with a podcast and a pretty tall stack of novels. Then new collaborators helped us continue growing into a story studio, development house, and idea incubator that’s now making a permanent mark on indie publishing.

By surrounding ourselves with plucky people, we’ve matured from a few hundred dollars a month to a thriving and rapidly expanding seven-figure business, with our primary focus remaining firmly rooted in creating stories and continuing to publish fiction.

One plus one equals more than we ever imagined — and we have wild imaginations. We’ve built our business (and our lives) around that math.

You deserve this kind of growth, too.

You’ve probably heard it said that you’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Chances are, they see the world in terms of either opportunity or limitations. And their mindsets are contagious.

It’s common for artists to underestimate the importance of their peer group. It’s not easy to cast off the limiting beliefs of the people who are closest to us. It can be tough to find fellow creatives who unconditionally believe there’s plenty of room for everyone.

But if we don’t intentionally choose to surround ourselves with abundance, we miss out on the growth that can only come from this very specific breed of collaboration.

So where do we find it?

Sean has attended a variety of formal masterminds for the last six years.

Surrounding himself with successful entrepreneurs has helped him to think harder, do better, and grow faster than he ever could have on his own. Nothing else has helped our whole team to get smarter, faster.

And while we’ve learned more than we could have imagined, we wanted that same type of energy and exponential growth for our craft and a visionary braintrust for the unique challenges that indie creatives face.

So we founded the Stone Table to establish a collaboration of creatives dedicated to growing their businesses.

The early years of the Stone Table have fostered deep relationships and launched countless innovative projects. But we knew it could be even better.

The Stone Table

The Stone Table is a vibrant community of artist entrepreneurs working to alchemize their abilities to build big businesses from their ideas.

The Stone Table is a safe place for smart authors, artists, and creative entrepreneurs who want to play a bigger game and thrive inside a community of like-minded creatives.

The Stone Table is for artists who want to turn their art into a sustainable, scalable business.

The Stone Table is for creatives to develop personal connections and leap forward through on-site events, and grow those relationships — and their businesses — during the time in between.

It’s the way a mastermind should be done.

Everyone knows the world of indie publishing is rapidly changing. And Sterling & Stone is leading the charge.

No one in publishing has tried more or built more in such a short time than we have. And no one is more positioned to permanently change the game. No one is as invested, works harder, or is as finely tuned to the future.

The Stone Table is the community that’s changing the game with us. It’s filled with creative entrepreneurs who see business as part of their art, aren’t afraid to work, are willing to take risks, and won’t be satisfied until their dreams have been realized.

And we’re saving you a seat.

Here’s How it Works

The Stone Table is by application only.

We’ve worked hard to get where we are, and we want to share. But this isn’t about taking money for a seat, it’s about building the best possible community. Because of that, it’s essential that we choose carefully the people who sit at The Stone Table.

You don’t have to be an author. The Table is filled with a variety of creative entrepreneurs who can all help each other. App developers, filmmakers, and designers are all part of the cognoscenti. These are the people who will expand the playing field as everyone’s businesses grow.

When reviewing applications, we’re looking for an intelligent blend of what you’ve already done and what you’re planning to do. The time you’ve invested in your business matters, as does an articulately plotted horizon.

But there are no hard or fast rules.

We’re looking to see how your business makes sense to you, to us, and to everyone else in the room. Dreams matter, but drive and scrappy execution matter more.

Applications are currently closed. Be the first to know when slots open up.